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Echeck is our main processor and has been used for years without any issues.

checks and money orders are also accepted.
we had Alot of other options but people kept mentioning kratom.
this is nobody's fault just the way it is.
Now with operation choke point over we will hopefully have some wiggle room with the credit card companies.
We are currently still working on this issue .
the main problem is the cost.
prices would have to be significantly raised to cover the cost of these off shore processors.
they are also not very secure for our information at this time .
I promise this issue is always be worked on and I will find a promising processor.
This is our bitcoin address as well.
we also accept ethereum
And litecoin
Money orders and checks can be sent to: P.O. Box 281 Deepwater New Jersey 08023

Keep calm and Kratom on!

Have blessed day.
For Echeck make sure that you click on the green electronic check button that says pay now on the page after you choose echeck.
I also ship using usps.
anything 10 ounces and under gets shipped first class with tracking.
over 10 ounces gets shipped priority.
As always shipping is free