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No problem! - We accept returns within 7 days (after delivery).
Our conditions for returns:
- Sealed and unopened returns: 100% store-credit back.
- Please contact our customer-service if you plan to return a product!
We urge you to buy a 2 oz pack to test out any products before making a larger order.
Our 2 oz packs always reflect the inventory that is in production at that time and have corresponding batch numbers.
- Please contact our customer service.
*Any abuse of our return policy will result in a blacklisting for our store.
Frequently asked questions
Where we ship from?
All orders will be shipped from our U.S. warehouses.
When will be a restock available?
We will post restock updates always on the frontpage.
Do we ship on Saturday?
Yes we do
Do we offer express service?
Yes, at an added cost as per courier.
Do we ship to Canada?
Currently we do not ship to Canada.
Do you offer support over phone?
YES. We do offer support over phone. We will also never ask you for any kind of private data or credit-card number over phone.
Do we offer free samples?
No, please check out the 2 oz packs on our website.
The product I have received does not look like on the pictures on your website. Is this a mistake?
Please be assured that our warehouse labels all strains correctly. The pictures on our website are examples only and might not reflect the exact same color as the product you receive.
Do we resell returned items? For a cheaper price?
No. Unsealed return-items won't be sold again due to our quality-regulations
Do we ship in discrete packaging?
Do we offer lab-results.
All of our products are processed and tested through a Co-Packer.
We do not publish our lab-results to general public since every batch is individual. Please be assured that all of our products undergo through strict control processes, in order to assess its quality and ensure steady and highest possible product standards with all of our products.
Are there non-shipping related charges when ordering from outside of the USA?
Yes, there may be customs taxes and duties when ordering from outside of the USA. It is the responsibility of the buyer to determine if there will be any extra charges, and also the responsibility of the buyer to pay any such charges. It is not up to Christopher's Organic botanicals to determine whether or not there will be any duties or taxes, nor are we liable for paying any of these extra charges.
Keep in mind postal holidays!
PLEASE CONTACT 609 202 6880