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We supply only Premium Grade Organic Kratom, what is needed to make kratom “Premium” grade is a few specific and very important elements.

First, you have to start with mature trees that are properly harvested in a timely manner by expert kratom farmers, next is the curing method used to prepare the leaf for the next step in the process which is to remove all stem and vein material from the leaf. The next step in the process is to finely powder the remaining leaf material. Each step needs to be done by a skilled kratom processing team within a specific amount of time and in certain conditions to produce a True Grade Premium Kratom Powder.

We work directly with in our opinion, the very best team there is in all of Indonesia. This was no easy task finding the right people to work with, there is many, many groups that work throughout all of Southeast Asia processing kratom. I will tell you first hand that there is huge differences in quality and consistency from one to the next.

We guarantee Top Quality Premium Grade Organic Kratom Powder in every order received.

Free something with every order!
You may be thinking what??
Well with all of the changes we will still be sending out samples of what we have left.
We will also be sending out custom scoops soon.
My point is you will ALWAYS get something extra with your order!
All Kratom is Wild Harvested
Checks and money orders can be sent to: P.o. Box 281 Deepwater, New Jersey 08023
We will be adding another site for all other herbal products soon.
We will be offering Magical Butter Machines to start with and many other great products soon.