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We are a new company based on the idea that healthy living and natural products are the way to help and heal the body and mind.
There won't be any fancy labeling just quality kratom.
Of course our bags keep the kratom fresh.

Too many years of my own life were spent on chemicals to help pain and suffering caused by a car accident when i was 8 years old. I also suffered a heart attack at 36. I burn kratom daily and am amazed by it's benefits.
I am a father of 5 who is married and is 41 years old.
My goal is to someday spread the message to everyone that all healing starts with what God has put on this earth for us to use.
More quality products will be added as I move forward. I will always do my best to answer all questions.
I am dedicated to customer service and helping those whom are suffering.



People First profits second


"I've tried many other companies product, and yours is on par or better than the others. If you can keep your prices at or near where they are now, you'll definitely be the go to source on the east coast. This definitely has improved my life as a chronic pain sufferer from a back injury, plus I've helped many people kick the chemicals to the curb with this stuff. Mother nature is a sweet lady my friend".

RPM Powersports Hickory, North Carolina